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VR enabled cloud platform coupled with hand-held devices and headsets will enable architects to visualize their designs in the 3D space around them

3D Capture with 360VR.

We do this by first utilizing a structure-from-motion (SfM) algorithm to compute the camera motion and a sparse reconstruction of the scene. We then employ a dense reconstruction algorithm to recover a dense 3D geometry representation of the scene.

Once the 3D geometry of the scene and the camera path has been recovered offline, we allow online playback of the video in a head mounted display in real time. During this playback, we track the 6-DOF motion of the headset and synthesize novel viewpoints for each eye in real-time to provide a 6DOF stereoscopic viewing experience. However, these models are often too simple to handle complex motions leading to the development of 3D motion models . We compute the dense scene geometry and show that this leads to more accurate results when synthesizing novel views with full 6-DOF head motion.

Virtual Design Construction and Project Process Monitoring

In the application of Travoxi VR technology, people can be in a virtual three-dimensional environment, and observe the scene of the future construction with dynamic interactive way. And also people can look at the scene from any angle and any distance, can choose and switch to a variety of movement patterns freely such as free to control the browse line

3D Tour for Real Estate

Travoxi offers a holistic and immersive experience that can be leveraged to provide an emotional connection with a remote property, with virtual walk-throughs that allow clients to inspect a property in convincing three-dimensions.

Our photo-realistic renderings of properties that can be viewed through a virtual reality headset, which creates an experience that is immersive as it is interactive. This creates a 3D showcase, which is an online,immersive 3D model that buyers can explore.VR also has significant implications for infrastructure design, where VR enhanced CAD models can provide architects, planners, as well as clients to with the ability to walk around a space that currently does not exist.